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My life so far has been a blend of extremes. I grew up as a country girl in Australia, dropped out of school in 10th grade, struggled with substance abuse, was pregnant at 17, suffered devastating loss in my family, graduated University, served in the Australian military, worked as a model, wrote a book, travelled the world, completed bible college and now am a pastor and live in Georgia in the United States!

A boundary pusher, only now I push boundaries in a good way (most of the time)! Never in a million years did I dream of the life I live now. I didn't even think I'd make it out of my twenties but my life is proof of what can happen when we allow God to take control.

When I was 23 I opened up my heart to Jesus and since then it's been the most liberating, thrilling and wholesome journey. Don't get me wrong, it has been hard and challenging at times, as well blissfully divine.

My life calling is now to share, with as many people as will listen, the miraculous, powerful, beautiful love of Jesus. The life changing, heart healing, future giving life available when we allow God to be at the centre.

Kristy is now a pastor at Influencers Church with her husband, Philippe. They live in Atlanta, Georgia with their blended family of three kids - Max, Zara and Brooklyn. 


We are the Quaziz/Templer clan and we are a blended family!

I started off as a single mum with the wonderful Max (left), and am now married with two amazing step-kids (Zara and Brooklyn).

We have learned that no family dynamic is perfect and just like any other family, we have challenges.

They may be different and at times more complicated and potentially messy than the traditional home, however with love, the right perspectives and God at the centre, blended families are a beautiful display of love and unity



Raising kids on your own is one of the toughest jobs there is.

Doing It Solo unpacks the plight of the single parent and the challenges associated with raising kids on your own.

It journeys through personal stories, teachings from the Bible and offers practical steps to gain back freedom in parenting on your own.

Every single parent will come away feeling more equipped, encouraged and inspired to find the purpose in their parenting, even when doing it solo.